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Hazarding in the Middle of Traffic

Since the advent of 4G and the gig economy, cars hazarding in the middle of traffic has become a 'hazard' in and of itself. Rideshare and food delivery apps seemingly don't encourage drivers and customers alike to meet in safe zones. And this can create confusion on the road that may lead to accidents. As couriers, whether it be food delivery or private packages, we always consider pulling our vehicles over to the side so that we do not block traffic. For one, we don't want to cause an accident and two, we don't want to be the reason people are honking and getting frustrated.

A year or so ago, I was driving thru Seattle's Capitol Hill. I turned right onto 11th and was stopped by a hazarding vehicle just ahead of the car in front of me. Well, when the rideshare driver dropped off their customer, the truck in front of me didn't know if the hazarding vehicle was going or staying and subsequently backed into my front end knocking the emblem off my Mercury Sable. This happened because the hazarding Uber/Lyft driver confused drivers by not pulling over, and so the truck reversed and hit me because he was trying to go around the hazarding vehicle.

Aside from the safety issues hazarding drivers can cause, it can be perceived as a lack of consideration on the road. I mean, let's be real. We all understand that you just have to pick up or drop off real quick. But, to think you, as a driver on the road, has any right to slow or delay traffic for your own non-emergent reasons, is inconsiderate. And consideration can go a long way, like letting a car merge lanes to maintain adequate traffic flow and deflect potential road rage. Being a mindful driver can actually save lives. And I'd like to think prevention is a great strategy.

When a car hazards in front of you without pulling over and you acknowledge that they are rideshare drivers picking up or dropping off, this is an optimal moment to be paying attention. You can't control what people do on the road, but you can avoid tough situations by simply paying attention.

If you're looking for a dependable, low cost, personalized courier service, choose LCCS! Our drivers pay close attention to detail and practice safe driving when transporting your package. No matter where your pick-up or drop-off locations are, we will arrive and depart safely and securely. Call today (206)880-5869 or Email ​