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How Does The Ordering Process Work?

Send us an inquiry with the following information: Item name + Quantity, Pick-Up/Drop-Off Addresses, Desired Time of Delivery, and Points of Contact for both locations. We will then send you a price quote for your delivery. All ORDERS MUST BE PAID UPFRONT! Once you approve the price and pay the invoice, your order will be cleared for delivery by our drivers. Your delivery will come with pick-up and drop-off confirmations.

How Do We Price Deliveries?

We offer a simplified flat-rate service that enables us to fulfill your order with ultimate flexibility. Eliminating mileage fees, peak charges, and excess waiting fees helps you project your cost ahead of time. All Orders Are Paid Upfront. Below are the rates as follows:
  • Standard Flat Rate Delivery $85 (includes any Seattle, WA / Los Angeles, CA zip codes. Does not apply to deliveries (whether pick-up or drop-off) outside of County. There are potential price breaks if there are less pick-up locations than drop-off locations.
  • Cross-County Delivery Fee $30
  • Cross-State Delivery Fee $100
  • Cross-Country Delivery Fee $500
  • Process Server $100 (all process services include an initial standard flat-rate delivery fee on top of the process service fee. Process serving fees cover court filings and extra trips to and from the courthouse.
  • Items over 50lbs are subject to extra fees.
  • Rates are subject to negotiation for complex orders and scheduling.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We are based in Seattle, WA and serve the greater Puget Sound region essentially from Everett to Tacoma. We also have drivers in Los Angeles who proudly serve the entire county. Ask us about deliveries into Canada and Mexico.

Can I Schedule a Delivery?

Absolutely! Customers can schedule a delivery for pick-up and drop-off at the time they are processing their order over the phone. Be sure to mention your desired time for pick-up or drop-off to our customer service agents. Whether you need immediate delivery or one-week, we are ready to fulfill your order!

What Items Do You Deliver?

We Deliver: Mail, Gifts, Garments, Dry Cleaning, Supplies, Groceries, Documents, Process Servers, Small Errands, Medicine, ​Messages, Merchandise, YOU NAME IT! All items MUST NOT exceed 50lbs. Because of our simplified, flat rate pricing, items over 50lbs may require a fee upwards of $200.

Can You Go Shopping For Me?

Our drivers can pick up your gifts and even groceries only if the customer has already paid for the order before sending us. We do not require our drivers to shop for food or any miscellaneous items. Therefore, please make sure your order is already paid for upfront so that our drivers can pick it up and safely deliver to your desired address.

Can You Deliver Animals and Pets?

All deliveries of live animals and pets must come with their necessary portable housing and handling units. All deliveries of animals and pets are extremely time-sensitive and must have an immediate drop-off time and location. Because we don't typically deliver live animals, all transports are subject to negotiation depending on size, animal, and circumstances. 



We are your Cost-Effective Solution for Standard & Urgent Delivery of Small Packages not exceeding 50 pounds.

Washington State
Seattle // Everett // Tacoma

Southern California
Los Angeles
San Bernardino // Orange

Who We Are
We are a Personalized Messenger Service Dedicated to The Needs of our Customers! Our drivers are experienced couriers serving 2 major markets on the West Coast United States.

What We Do
We Deliver: Mail, Gifts, Garments, Dry Cleaning, Supplies, Groceries, Documents, Process Servers, Small Errands, Medicine, ​Messages, Merchandise, YOU NAME IT!

How We Do It
No Mileage Fees. No Peak Charges. No Excess Waiting Charge.

***​Same Day, Next Day, & Overnight Delivery Available.***

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