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Who We Are
We are a Personalized Messenger Service Dedicated to The Needs of our Customers! Our drivers are experienced couriers serving 2 major markets on the West Coast United States.

Washington State (206) 880 - 5869
Seattle // Everett // Tacoma

Southern California (323) 215 - 7858
Los Angeles // San Bernardino // Orange

We are your Cost-Effective Solution for Standard & Urgent Delivery of Small Packages not exceeding 50 pounds.

What We Do
We Deliver: Mail, Gifts, Garments, Dry Cleaning, Supplies, Groceries, Documents, Process Servers, Small Errands, Medicine, ​Messages, Merchandise, YOU NAME IT!

***​Same Day, Next Day, & Overnight Delivery Available.***

How We Do It
No Mileage Fees. No Peak Charges. No Excess Waiting Charge.

Call Now for Free Estimate!
We'll Beat Any Courier Pricing!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Flat Rate Pricing Option

All Orders Must Be Paid Upfront before Cleared for Pick-Up. City Rate Covers All Seattle, WA Zip Codes. County Rate Covers Zip Codes outside of Seattle, WA.
Delivery Options
Points of Contact (Full Names)
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Addresses

Pay Here After Estimate/Quote


The Political Construction Conspiracy (A MUST READ!!!)

Since the pandemic started running rampant thru communities across the globe in 2020, it has adversely affected traffic in cities everywhere. For some odd reason, it seems as though local governments everywhere have passively green-lighted permits for construction projects while citizens have been given stay-at-home orders. Even at the expense of their own livelihoods. Like us, who are couriers, can't help but wonder why cities have implemented policies that make driving on the highways more challenging...and hazardous. Now, before you tell me to attend DOT meetings if I want to get involved, let me just tell you, no thanks! Sure, I can write an email to the director or attend a virtual council meeting, but honestly, you'd have to be dumb to not see the precedence set forth by American politics. You know, the simulation. The idea, that you and I are a part of the process when we clearly have no say in the matter. A private firm comes through, pays a ton of money for permits bef

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